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Creep Rupture of MoSi2/SiCp Composites

  • Jonathan D. French (a1), Sheldon M. Wiederhorn (a1) and John J. Petrovic (a2)


We studied the creep rupture of a series of MoSi2 materials reinforced with SiC particles. Particulate contents were in the range of 0 to 40 volume percent. Temperature and stress ranges were 1050°C to 1200°C and 10 MPa to 50 MPa, which gave failures ranging from 1 hour to 1500 hours. The creep curves show an extensive tertiary regime, accounting for 25-95% of the total lifetime. Tertiary creep increases with increasing stress and temperature. Cavitation occurs throughout the creep life, and tertiary creep is associated with the linkage of cavities into large cracks. The creep life improves with increasing SiC particle content, with a concurrent loss of creep ductility. Significant improvement occurs only when the particle content is greater than 30 volume percent. Our studies suggest that the creep and creep rupture behavior of MoSi2 can be further improved by increasing the content of SiC particles.



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