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Creep properties of micron-size domains in ethylene glycol modified wood across 4½ decades in strain rate

  • Joseph E. Jakes (a1) (a2), Charles R. Frihart (a2) and Donald S. Stone (a1) (a3)


The hardnesses of secondary cell wall laminae (SCWL) and compound corner middle lamellae (CCML) in wood were measured at indentation strain rates between approximately 7×10-4 s-1 and 20 s-1, using a new method called broadband nanoindentation creep. The wood was subsequently modified with ethylene glycol (EG) and the properties were re-measured. The SCWL and CCML responded differently to this modification: in the SCWL, hardness decreased uniformly by a factor of 3.7 ± 0.3 across all strain rates, whereas in CCML, the modification had a similar effect at low strain rates. However, at high strain rates, hardness was only lowered by a factor of 1.8. The EG modification also lowered elastic modulus of the SCWL and CCML, swelled the SCWL and CCML, and caused previously placed indents to disappear (CCML) or partly disappear (SCWL).


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