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Creep Deformation of Ultrafine Grained Ni7 5B1 7Si8

  • Gilles Nussbaum (a1) and Dieter G. Ast (a1)


The creep behavior of the fine grained, intermetallic superplastic alloy of overall composition Ni7 5 B1 7Si8 prepared by crystallizing an amorphous precursor was studied in the temperature range between 500 and 615°C, the stress range between 36 and 800 MPa, and for grain sizes between 6.8 and 1.12*10−5 mm. The strain rates measured varied between 10−7 and 6*10−5 sec−1.

Two different creep deformation mechanisms were observed. At low applied stresses, the material deformed in a diffusion controlled mode, with proportional to σ1. No dislocations developed in the grains, and the activation energy for creep was 4 eV. This value is higher than the self-diffusion of Ni in Ni (the principal constituent in the alloy) in agreement with observation in other Ni based alloy systems. At high applied stresses, a second mechanism became rate limiting. The activation energy of this process is about 0.6 eV and dislocations develop in the interior of grains when this mechanism operates.

The transition between the two regimes is grain size and temperature dependent and occurs at about 400 MPa at a deformation temperature of 550°C and a grain size of 6.8 10−5 mm. An analysis of the grain size dependence of creep strain rate as well as its absolute value indicates that the low stress regime is Coble type creep.



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Creep Deformation of Ultrafine Grained Ni7 5B1 7Si8

  • Gilles Nussbaum (a1) and Dieter G. Ast (a1)


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