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Cracking a Tough Nut* with a big Computer

  • Farid F. Abraham (a1), D. Schneider, B. Land, D. Lifka, J. Skovira, J. Gerner and M. Rosenkrantzt (a2)...


We have simulated the dynamical failure of three-dimensional notched solids under tension using molecular dynamics and up to 100 million atoms. We discovered a dynamical brittle-to-ductile transition in the rapid cleavage of rare-gas solids when the crack velocity approaches one-third of the Rayleigh sound speed. At this transition, the crack tip has already begun to roughen on the atomic scale. This suggests that the brittle crack undergoes a dynamic instability which immediately leads to the initiation of plastic failure by the spontaneous emission and proliferation of dislocations and crack arrest.



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NUT: nanocrystal under tension. We make note of P-G. de Gennes comment “…refrain from immediately resorting to a jackhammer to break open a hazelnut without first checking for an incipient crack on the surface of the shell.” in Fragile Objects (Copernicus, NY, 1996).



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