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Crack Initiation and Growth in a Notched NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Sheet

  • Wei Tong (a1), Hong Tao (a1) and Nian Zhang (a1)


An experimental investigation was carried out to study the crack initiation and growth in a single-edge notched NiTi shape memory alloy sheet under tension. It is observed that a crack initiated at the tip of a V-shape notch before the peak axial load was reached and it grew steadily across the width of the NiTi sheet until final fracture. In-plane crack-tip deformation fields at various stages of the crack growth were measured based on an image correlation technique and the crack-tip opening displacement (CTOD) and crack-tip opening angle (CTOA) were subsequently determined. The fracture surface of the NiTi sheet was dimpled based on scanning electron microscopy examinations.



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Crack Initiation and Growth in a Notched NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Sheet

  • Wei Tong (a1), Hong Tao (a1) and Nian Zhang (a1)


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