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Coupled Two Dimensional Electron Gas Structures in the G1−xAlxAs/GaAs System

  • A. Christou (a1), Z. Hatsopoulos (a2), N. Bacalis (a2), N. Papanicholaou (a1) and A. Ginoudi (a2)...


Two 2-dimensional electron gas (DEG) regions coupled either by a superlattice, an undoped GaAs layer, or the combination of a tunneling barrier with a superlattice have been investigated by studying (a) non-ohmic conduction, (b) field effect characteristics parallel to the 2DEG channels and (c) negative differential resistance (NDR) for conduction perpendicular to the quantum wells. It is shown that coupling is optimized when the separation region is a superlattice. Tunneling through superlattice mini-bands can enhance field effect transistor transconductance.



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