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Correlation of Roughness and Device Properties for Hydrogen Plasma Cleaning of Si(100) Prior to Gate Oxidation

  • J. S. Montgomery (a1), J. P. Barnak (a1), C. Silvestre (a1), J. R. Hauser (a1) and R. J. Nemanich (a1)...


Hydrogen plasma treatment was used as a cleaning and conditioning step prior to gate oxide deposition in the fabrication of cluster-based MOS field effect transistors. Surface roughness was measured by atomic force microscopy and compared to current-voltage characteristics of the MOSFET devices. The MOSFET devices were evaluated on the basis of threshold voltage, peak mobility, interface scattering, and surface roughness coefficient. Following a 10 minute Hplasma exposure at a substrate temperature of 150°C the rms roughness increased from 1.1±0.3 Å to 17±9 Å. The rms roughness for samples treated for 10 minutes at 700°C was 4±1 Å. Analysis of the MOSFET devices treated in the low temperature range (200°C) show significant degradation due to the H-plasma interaction. Threshold voltage for the devices exposed to a 2 minute H-plasma at a temperature of 200°C was 0.72±0.02 V. In contrast the threshold voltage for the 600°C, 2 minute plasma exposure was 0.86±0.03 V. The peak mobility for those devices was 370 cm2/V-s. Further device analysis was accomplished from the current-voltage measurements to extract a value of interface scattering and surface roughness scattering for each device. Interface scattering and surface roughness scattering do not increase for H-plasma process temperatures of 450 – 700°C. An H-plasma treatment for 2 minutes at 500°C also resulted in no observable increase in rms roughness, a threshold voltage of 0.92±0.03 V, a peak mobility of 410 cm2/V-s, and no increase in interface scattering and surface roughness scattering.



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