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The Core Structure of Dislocations in GaAs

  • B. C. De Cooman (a1), K.-H. Kuesters (a2) and C. B. Carter (a1)


The structural aspects of dislocations in GaAs which had been plastically deformed at high stress were studied by TEM. The glide of well-defined dislocations in their slip-plane was observed during the recombination-enchanced relaxation of the dislocations from their high-stress configuration. The strong asymmetry of dislocation velocity previously observed by other techniques is confirmed. High-resolution, electron micrographs of dissociated end-on screw dislocations were compared to computer simulated micrographs of model structures of the dislocation core. No definite conclusion regarding the exact core structure could be made due to the movement of the defects during the observation.



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