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Controlling the Porosity of Microporous Silica by Sol-Gel Processing Using an Organic Template Approach

  • Yunfeng Lu (a1), G. Z. Cao (a1), Rahul P. Kale (a1), L. Delattre (a1), C. Jeffrey Brinker (a1) (a2) and Gabriel P. Lopezl (a1)...


We use an organic template approach to prepare microporous silica with controlled pore size and narrow pore size distributions. This was accomplished by fabricating relatively dense hybrid silica matrices incorporating organic template ligands by sol-gel synthesis and then removing the organic ligands to create a microporous silica network. Comparison of computer simulation results and experimental data indicated that using this fugitive template approach, pore volume can be controlled by the amount of organic template added to the system, and pore size can be controlled by the size of the organic ligands.


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