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Control of the Si Vacancy Concentration and Arrangement in ReSi1.75 by Al and P Additions

  • Shunta Harada (a1), Katsushi Tanaka (a2), Kyosuke Kishida (a3) and Haruyuki Inui (a4)


The concentration and arrangement of Si vacancy in aluminum or phosphorus containing ReSi1.75 based silicides have been investigated. Both aluminum and phosphorus are substituted with silicon. In addition to the (001)C11b twins usually observed in binary ReSi1.75, planar defects are heterogeneously formed in both of the silicon substituted ternary alloys with small amount. By using the high resolution electron micrograph (HREM) technique, the planar defects are assigned as crystallographic shear (CS) planes lying on (109) C11b and (107) C11b in aluminum and phosphorus containing ReSi1.75, respectively. The CS vector in both ternary alloys is [100]C11b. Since the concentration of vacancies in the ReSi1.75 structure is changed by the introduction of these crystallographic shear, ternary alloys with silicon substituted by aluminum and phosphorus contain more or less amount of vacancies than the binary alloy, respectively. This implies us that concentration of Si vacancies changes so as to retain the average number of valence electron. We can control the concentration of Si vacancy in the ReSi1.75 based alloys.



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