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Control of the Polarity and Surface Morphology of GaN Films Deposited on C-Plane Sapphire

  • M. Sumiya (a1), T. Ohnishi (a2), M. Tanaka (a3), A. Ohtomo (a3), M. Kawasaki (a3), M. Yoshimoto (a2), H. Koinuma (a2), K. Ohtsuka (a4) and S. Fuke (a1)...


Control of the polarity of GaN films deposited by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition was achieved by substrate nitridation and subsequent annealing of a buffer layer. The surface morphology and optical properties of 1.2μm GaN films were influenced by the different growth mode due to the polar direction. Coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy revealed that the polarity composition of a buffer layer on nitrided sapphire varied by annealing in a H2 atmosphere. It was considered that the systematic variation of the surface morphology was caused by the polarity composition of the buffer layer.



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