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Concentration-Dependent Surface-State Shifts: Au on Cu(001)

  • J. C. Hansen (a1), M. K. Wagner (a2) and J. G. Tobin (a3)


High-resolution angle-resolved photoemission has been used to investigate the behavior of the Cu(001) surface state as a function of Au coverage and substrate temperature. Binding-energy shifts of this state are dependent on the concentration of Au atoms substituted into the top surface layer of the Cu(001) substrate. The results demonstrate the use of surfacelocalized Tamm states as a specific probe of the chemical environment in the surface plane.



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19. The c(2×2) Au/Cu(001) spectrum of Reference 8 (figure 20, p. 156) when plotted versus the measured Fermi edge yields a value of BF = 1.5 eV in good agreement with figure 2 of this work, BF = 1.47 eV.


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