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Compression of Micropillars of TiAl Coexisting with Ti3Al

  • Kazuki Fujimura (a1), Kyosuke Kishida (a1), Katsushi Tanaka (a2) and Haruyuki Inui (a1)


Square-shaped micropillar of nearly stoichiometric TiAl single crystals with various loading axis orientations were prepared from TiAl PST crystals by focused ion beam (FIB) technique and deformed in compression using a micro hardness testing machine equipped with a flat diamond tip in order to investigate the values of CRSS for the three types of operative deformation modes, namely ordinary slip, superlattice slip and twinning. The selective activation of the three types of deformation modes was confirmed to be achieved by compression tests of -oriented single crystalline micropillars, respectively. The average CRSS values for ordinary slip, superlattice slip and deformation twinning obtained for micropillars with an initial side length between 3.8 and 7.9μm were estimated to be about 145, 284 and 113 MPa, respectively.



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