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Composition of Superconducting La2CuO4+δ a Superconductor Doped by excess Oxygen Defects

  • B. Dabrowski (a1), D. G. Hinks (a1), J. D. Jorgensen (a1) and D. R. Richards (a1)


We have studied mixed-phase samples of bulk LazCuO4 using neutron powder diffraction, thermogravimetric analysis and resistivity measurements. Samples fired at 950°C and slowly cooled form in the K2NiF4 structure with CuO impurities for z<2 and La2O3 impurities for z>2. Neither La-vacancies nor stacking defects were found. The bulk resistivity of the samples show semiconducting behavior which is shorted at 38K by small amounts of superconducting material. The superconductivity is due to the presence of an oxygen-rich phase with stoichiometry La2CuO4.08. The occurrence of superconductivity in pure La2CuO4.08 with the same Tc as observed in the doped La1.85 Sr0.15CuO4 indicates that the excess oxygen provides the same level of doping as metal-ion substitution.



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Composition of Superconducting La2CuO4+δ a Superconductor Doped by excess Oxygen Defects

  • B. Dabrowski (a1), D. G. Hinks (a1), J. D. Jorgensen (a1) and D. R. Richards (a1)


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