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Composite Semiconductor Nanoparticles

  • H. S. Zhou (a1), I. Honma (a1), H. Komiyama (a1) and J. W. Haus (a1)


Nanometer size semiconductor particles coated with another semiconductor can exhibit unusual and interesting phenomena associated with the redistribution of the electron and hole wavefunctions. Using the band offsets and effective-masses, the band gap as well as the wavefunctions can be altered by changing the core radius of the particles. CdS/PbS coated semiconductor nanoparticles are synthesized by ion displacing method and experimental results are discussed along with the theoretical calculation. Optical absorption as well as TEM, Electron diffraction results provides for the evidence that the particles are coated.



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4. Haus, J.W., Zhou, H.S., Honma, I. and Komiyama, H., Phys. Rev. B (in press)


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