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Comparison of the Strain and Stress in Bonded and Epitaxial Gallium Arsenide on Silicon by Photoreflectance Spectroscopy Measurements

  • Spyros Gallis (a1), George Deligeorgis (a1), Alexandros Georgakilas (a1) and Marin Alexe (a2)


The presence of an internal strain arising from the GaAs/spin-on-glass (SOG)/Si bonding procedure was investigated. In addition, the magnitude of any residual stress at room temperature and the mechanisms that may impose a stress, leading to elastic or plastic deformation of the bonded GaAs films, were identified.

A comparative study of biaxial strain and stress, as a function of temperature in the range of 80- 300 K, in a bonded 2 μm-thick GaAs/SOG/Si sample and in an epitaxial 2 μm-thick GaAs/Si sample, grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), will be presented. The type and magnitude of strain were determined by photoreflectance spectroscopy. In the case of GaAs/SOG/Si, the strain in the GaAs layer was found to be negligible, with compressive character, at room temperature and tensile in all other measured temperatures, whereas for the epitaxial GaAs/Si, the strain was taking significant tensile values in all temperatures. Furthermore, the strain for both samples was increasing with temperature reduction, as it is expected for a thermal strain induced by the different thermal expansion coefficients of GaAs and Si.

The comparative study indicated clearly that the bonded GaAs/SOG/Si films are essentially strain-free at room temperature. This is a very important result for the good reliability of laser diodes that can be processed from such bonded GaAs material, which also has a crystal quality similar to that of the available GaAs substrates.


Corresponding author

1 Current address: CESTM, University at Albany, 251 Fuller Road, Albany, NY 12203, USA


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1. Georgakilas, A., Deligeorgis, G., Aperathitis, E., Cengher, D., Hatzopoulos, Z., Alexe, M., Dragoi, V., Gösele, U., Kyriakis-Bitzaros, E. D., Minoglou, K. and Halkias, G., Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 5099 (2002).
2. Aspnes, D. E., Surf. Sci. 37, 418 (1973).
3. Gavini, A. and Cardona, M., Phys. Rev. B 1, 672 (1970).


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