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Comparison of Ru/Ta and Ru/TaN as Barrier Stack for Copper Metallization

  • Xin-Ping Qu (a1), Jing-Jing Tan (a2), Mi Zhou (a3), Tao Chen (a4), Guo-Ping Ru (a5) and Bing-Zong Li (a6)...


The diffusion barrier properties for ultrathin Ru/Ta and Ru/TaN bilayer structure as the copper diffusion barrier are compared. Cu, Ru, Ta and TaN thin films are deposited by using the ion beam sputtering technique. The experimental results show that the thermal stability of the Cu/Ru/Ta or TaN /Si structure is much more improved than that of the Cu/Ru/Si structure without the interlayer. However, the Cu/Ru/TaN/Si shows better thermal stability than the Cu/Ru/Ta/Si structure, which should be attributed to the amorphous nature of the TaN interlayer. The microstructure evolution of the Cu/Ru/Ta (TaN)/Si structure during annealing is discussed. The results show that the Ru/TaN bilayer can be a very promising diffusion barrier in the future seedless Cu interconnect technology.



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