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Comparison of Microwave ECR and RF Plasmas for Dry Etching of Single Crystal 6H-SiC

  • J. R. Flemish (a1), K. Xie (a2), W. Buchwald (a1), L. Casas (a1), J. H. Zhao (a2), G. McLane (a1) and M. Dubey (a1)...


Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma etching of single crystal 6H-SiC has been investigated using a CF4/O2 gas mixture and compared to conventional reactive ion etching (RIE) in a radio frequency (13.56 MHz) reactor. The use of ECR results in higher etch rates, lower levels of bias and smoother etched surfaces than rf-RIE. ECR etch rates exceeding 100 nm/min have been obtained at a substrate bias of-100 V. Etch rate and surface morphology have been studied as a function of pressure, bias and power. Auger electron spectroscopy shows that ECR etching leaves no residues unlike rf-RIE which leaves residues containing Al, F, O and C. The current-voltage and capacitance-voltage measurements of Schottky diodes show that there is far less damage induced by ECR etching compared to rf-RIE.



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