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A Comparison of Low Energy BF2 Implantation in Si and Ge Preamorphized Silicon

  • Gary A. Ruggles (a1), Shin-Nam Hong (a1), Jimmie J. Wortman (a1), Mehmet Ozturk (a1), Edward R. Myers (a1), John J. Hren (a1) and Richard B. Fair (a2)...


Low energy (6 keV) BF2 implantation was carried out using single crystal, Ge-preamorphized, and Si-preamorphized silicon substrates. Implanted substrates were rapid thermal annealed at temperatures from 600°C to 1050'C and boron channeling, diffusion, and activation were studied. Ge and Si preamorphization energies were chosen to produce nearly identical amorphous layer depths as determined by TEM micrographs (approximately 40 nm in both cases). Boron segregation to the end-of-range damage region was observed for 6 keV BF2 implantation into crystalline silicon, although none was detected in preamorphized substrates. Junction depths as shallow as 50 nm were obtained. In this ultra-low energy regime for ion implantation, boron diffusion was found to be as important as boron channeling in determining the junction depth, and thus, preamorphization does not result in a significant reduction in junction depth. However, the formation of junctions shallower than 100 rmu appears to require RTA temperatures below 1000°C which can lead to incomplete activation unless the substrate has been preamorphized. In the case of preamorphized samples, Hall measurements revealed that nearly complete electrical activation can be obtained for preamorphized samples after a 10 second rapid thermal anneal at temperatures as low as 600°C.



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