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A Comparison of Intrinsic Point Defect Properties in Si and Ge

  • Jan Vanhellemont (a1), Piotr Spiewak (a2), Koji Sueoka (a3), Eddy Simoen (a4) and Igor Romandic (a5)...


Intrinsic point defects determine to a large extent the semiconductor crystal quality both mechanically and electrically not only during crystal growth or when tuning polished wafer properties by thermal treatments, but also and not the least during device processing. Point defects play e.g. a crucial role in dopant diffusion and activation, in gettering processes and in extended lattice defect formation.

Available experimental data and results of numerical calculation of the formation energy and diffusivity of the intrinsic point defects in Si and Ge are compared and discussed. Intrinsic point defect clustering is illustrated by defect formation during Czochralski crystal growth.



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A Comparison of Intrinsic Point Defect Properties in Si and Ge

  • Jan Vanhellemont (a1), Piotr Spiewak (a2), Koji Sueoka (a3), Eddy Simoen (a4) and Igor Romandic (a5)...


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