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Comparison of A-Si:H Films Prepared by RP- and Conventional P-CVD

  • Sung Chul Kim (a1), Kyu Chang Park (a1), Sung Ki Kim (a1), Tae Gon Kim (a1), Jae Sung Pyun (a1), Jung Mok Jun (a1) and Jin Jang (a1)...


We have studied the effect of RF power on the properties of Si thin films prepared by a conventional plasma and remote plasma(RP)- CVD. The structure of the Si film changes from amorphous to crystalline with increasing RF power in RP-CVD. However, the structure of Si film deposited by P-CVD remains amorphous with increasing RF power. The relaxation of Si atoms by means of chemical annealing of He metastable atoms gives rise to the formation of macrocrystalline structure at the high RF powers.



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