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Comparative Study on the Corrosion Resistance of Fe-Based Amorphous Metal, Borated Stainless Steel and Ni-Cr-Mo-Gd Alloy

  • Tiangan Lian (a1), Daniel Day (a2), Phillip Hailey (a3), Jor-Shan Choi (a4) and Joseph Farmer (a5)...


Iron-based amorphous alloy Fe49.7Cr17.7Mn1.9Mo7.4W1.6B15.2C3.8Si2.4 was compared to borated stainless steel and Ni-Cr-Mo-Gd alloy on their corrosion resistance in various high-[Cl-] solutions. The melt-spun ribbon of this iron-based amorphous alloy have demonstrated a better corrosion resistance than the bulk borated stainless steel and the bulk Ni-Cr-Mo-Gd alloy, in high-[Cl-] brines at temperatures 90ºC or higher.



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