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Comparative Study: Ethanol In Human Body Vs Gasoline In A Vehicle Motor: Oxidation And Combustion

  • M. Schorr (a1), B. Valdez (a1), E. Valdez (a2), N. Lothan (a3), M. Carrillo (a1), R. Salinas (a1) and A. Eliezer (a4)...


Two machines: The human body and the vehicle motor are made of structural and functional, natural and man-produced materials. They generate energy by chemical oxidation of two fluids: ethanol and gasoline. The characteristics of these fluids: a nutritive beverage and a fuel, providing motion to the vehicle, are described. The damage due to diseases in the body by excessive ethanol consumption and deterioration of the motor by corrosion are treated by means of preventive and curative methods: body rehabilitation and car repair, maintaining both machines in permanent, healthy, working operation. The chemical reactions of ethanol oxidation and gasoline combustion and their effects on the machines and their materials are presented, illustrated and discussed.



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