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Comparative studies on photovoltaic performance of InN nanostructures/p-Si(100) heterojunction devices grown by molecular beam epitaxy

  • Thirumaleshwara N Bhat (a1), Mohana K Rajpalke (a1), Mahesh Kumar (a1) (a2), Basanta Roul (a1) (a2) and S B Krupanidhi (a1)...


Comparative studies have been carried out on the performance of the photovoltaic devices with dissimilar shapes of the InN nanostructures fabricated on p-Si (100). The devices fabricated with the nanodots show a superior performance compared to the devices fabricated with the nanorods. The discussions have been carried out on the superior junction property, larger effective junction area and inherent random pyramidal topographical texture of the cell fabricated with nanodots. Such single junction devices exhibit a promising fill factor and external quantum efficiency of 38% and 27%, respectively, under concentrated AM1.5 illumination.


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Comparative studies on photovoltaic performance of InN nanostructures/p-Si(100) heterojunction devices grown by molecular beam epitaxy

  • Thirumaleshwara N Bhat (a1), Mohana K Rajpalke (a1), Mahesh Kumar (a1) (a2), Basanta Roul (a1) (a2) and S B Krupanidhi (a1)...


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