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Columnar Epitaxy of Hexagonal and Orthorhombic Silicides on Si(111)

  • R.W. Fathauer (a1), C.W. Nieh (a2), Q.F. Xiao (a3) and Shin Hashimoto (a3)


Columnar grains of PtSi and CrSi2 surrounded by high-quality epitaxial silicon are obtained by ultra-high vacuum codeposition of Si and metal in an approximately 10:1 ratio on Si(111) substrates heated to 610-840°C. This result is similar to that found previously for CoSi2 (a nearly-lattice-matched cubic-fluorite crystal) on Si(111), in spite of the respective orthorhombic and hexagonal structures of PtSi and CrSi2. The PtSi grains are epitaxial and have one of three variants of the relation defined by PtSi(010)//Si(111), with PtSi[001]//Si<110>.



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