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Colloidal copper sulfide nanocrystals: Electrochemical, electrical and morphological properties

  • Alejandro Baray-Calderón (a1), R. Galindo (a2) (a3), J. L Maldonado. (a2), Omar Martínez-Alvarez (a4), L.S. Acosta-Torres (a5), José Santos-Cruz (a6), J. de la Fuente-Hernández (a5) and M.C. Arenas-Arrocena (a5)...


The highlight of this work is the synthesis of copper sulfide nanocrystals by a simple one-pot colloidal process, and the study of its electrochemical, electrical and morphological properties. Nanocrystals of Cu1.8S of about 15-30 nm were obtained at a temperature of 240°C under an argon atmosphere. The colloidal solution of the nanocrystals was analyzed by cyclic voltammetry. Agreeing to the values of EOx and ERed vs. SCE, and the average of three samples the HOMO and LUMO levels are 6.16 and 4.27 eV, respectively, the calculated HOMO – LUMO (Eg) is 1.89 eV. The Eg value, differs of that value obtained from Kubelka-Munk equation (1.7 eV). The photocurrent vs. time results showed that the Cu1.8S/Cu junction is photosensitive and could be used as absorbing material. The morphology and the topography of the film were analyzed by SEM and AFM techniques. Irregular agglomeration of nanocrystals was observed and a roughness of about 194 nm.


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