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Cobalt oxide-tungsten oxide nanowire heterostructures: Fabrication and characterization

  • Nitin Chopra (a1) (a2), Yuan Li (a1) and Kuldeep Kumar (a1)


Nanowire heterostructures comprised of cobalt oxide and tungsten oxide were fabricated in a core/shell configuration. This was achieved by sputter coating tungsten oxide shells on standing cobalt oxide nanowires on a substrate. To ensure the polycrystallinity of tungsten oxide shell, the nanowire heterostructures were subjected to post-sputtering annealing process. The cobalt oxide nanowires for this study were grown employing a thermal method via vapor-solid growth mechanism. The crystal structures, morphologies, dimensions, and phases at various growth stages of nanowire heterostructures were studied using high resolution electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction methods. The interfaces of these nanowire heterostructures were also studied and showed variation in the lattice spacing across the heterostructure diameter. Results indicated that the cobalt oxide nanowires survived multiple processing steps and resulted in stable heterostructure configurations. The investigation shows, for the first time, a dry processing route for the formation of such novel nanowire heterostructures.


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Cobalt oxide-tungsten oxide nanowire heterostructures: Fabrication and characterization

  • Nitin Chopra (a1) (a2), Yuan Li (a1) and Kuldeep Kumar (a1)


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