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Co2Si, CrSi2, ZrSi2 and TiSi2 Formation Studied by a Radioactive 31Si Marker Technique

  • A. P. Botha (a1) and R. Pretorius (a1)


Radioactive 31Si (half-life, 2.62 h) was used as a marker to study Co2Si, CrSi2, TiSi2 and ZrSi2 formation. By marking the initial layer of silicide with radioactive silicon atoms and by measuring the activity profile in the silicide layer after further silicide formation, the dominant diffusing species and its mechanism of diffusion during the formation of these silicides could be determined. For Co2Si it was found that cobalt is the diffusing species, while disilicide formation was found to take place by silicon substitutional (vacancy) diffusion, with a high self-diffusion coefficient.



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Co2Si, CrSi2, ZrSi2 and TiSi2 Formation Studied by a Radioactive 31Si Marker Technique

  • A. P. Botha (a1) and R. Pretorius (a1)


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