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Circular AFM Mode: A New AFM Mode for Investigating Surface Properties

  • Olivier Noel (a1), Pierre-Emmanuel Mazeran (a2) and Hussein Nasrallah (a1)


For the first time, a new AFM mode is presented that simultaneously allows the measuring of adhesion and friction forces at different constant and continuous sliding velocities. Our methodology consists of implementing a circular relative displacement of the contact to reach a constant sliding velocity, with no stop periods. Some of the main advantages of performing a circular displacement is that continuous and high sliding velocities (more than 1 mm/s) can be reached compared to the low sliding velocities (up to 10 μm/s) available when using commercial AFM. Also, a stationary state is reached when doing measurements. Moreover, the circular mode can be coupled with the classical operating mode, for instance, force spectrum. Main applications of this circular mode are related to metrological measurements in physics that require high speed displacements. As an example, we report the evolution of friction and adhesive forces measured in air at different high sliding velocities.



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Circular AFM Mode: A New AFM Mode for Investigating Surface Properties

  • Olivier Noel (a1), Pierre-Emmanuel Mazeran (a2) and Hussein Nasrallah (a1)


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