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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Epmtaxial BaTiO3 Films for Frequency Doubling Devices

  • Peter C. Van Buskirk (a1), Gregory T. Stauf (a1), Robin Gardiner (a1), Peter S. Kirlin (a1), B. Bihari (a2) and J. Kumar (a2)...


Ferroelectric materials such as BaTiO3 are notable for their nonlinear optical and electrical properties. Optical frequency doubling in thin films integrated with compact semiconductor laser pumped solid state lasers is an attractive candidate for high efficiency generation of blue light. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using a single liquid source has been used to grow BaTiO3 films on MgO. X-ray diffraction in the pole figure configuration indicates the films to be epitaxial, and rocking curves had FWHM ≈ 0.7°. An optical scatterometer (λ = 633 nm.) has been used to identify deposition conditions that result in the lowest scatter losses. This paper describes these results as well as waveguide designs to enhance the second harmonic generation efficiency in epitaxial BaTiO3 films on MgO.



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4 Subsequent technical obstacles may include photorefractive effects (“optical damage”) and difficulties in microlithographic fabrication of the structures.
5 At λ. = 1.06μ for bulk single crystals, nBT = 2.322 and nSW = 2.315. A related problem is the magnitude of both the SrTi03 and BaTiO3 refractive indices compared to air at the outer interface. A high index film deposited on top of the BaTi03 can reduce its required thickness, but adds undesirable complexity.
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16 The back surface of each sample was roughened on 600 grit sandpaper and painted black to reduce contribution of the back surface to the signal. 17 The detector was used in a photoconductive mode, and a beam chopper and lock-in amplifier were used to reduce noise.

Chemical Vapor Deposition of Epmtaxial BaTiO3 Films for Frequency Doubling Devices

  • Peter C. Van Buskirk (a1), Gregory T. Stauf (a1), Robin Gardiner (a1), Peter S. Kirlin (a1), B. Bihari (a2) and J. Kumar (a2)...


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