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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond from Alcohol Precursors at 1.0 Torr

  • Donald R. Gilbert (a1), Rajiv K. Singh (a1) and Ming Huang (a2)


Typically, diamond chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is conducted at pressures of 10 to 100 Torr and temperatures of 700 - 1000 °C. Both thermally activated (hot-filament) and plasma enhanced (DC, microwave) systems are used to deposit diamond from mixtures of hydrogen and some carbon-containing monomer, most typically methane. These systems may produce films of high phase purity which typically exhibit tensile intrinsic (non-thermal) growth stresses. We have used an electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) enhanced plasma system to deposit diamond films at a pressure of 1 Torr over a temperature range of 550 - 700 °C using methyl alcohol as the carbon source. Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) was used to analyze the plasma discharge for the determination of active species present during diamond growth. Correlations of emission variations with film characteristics were made to evaluate their importance in the diamond formation process. Particular emphasis was placed on the nature of the intrinsic growth stresses developed in this process, which appeared to be consistently compressive in nature based on Raman analysis.



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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond from Alcohol Precursors at 1.0 Torr

  • Donald R. Gilbert (a1), Rajiv K. Singh (a1) and Ming Huang (a2)


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