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Chemical Solution Based MoS2 Thin Film Deposition Based on Dimensional Reduction

  • Changqing Pan (a1) (a2), Zhongwei Gao (a1) and Chih-hung Chang (a1) (a2)


As a promising transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC), molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has recently attracted a lot of attention due to its graphene-liked two dimensional layer structure, which leads to potential applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices. However, the fabrication of mono- or few-layer MoS2 is limited to ether liquid exfoliation or CVD, and the chemical solution deposition is limited to ammonium thiomolybdate-based precursor. In this paper, hydrazine-based dimensional reduction technique is applied in the chemical solution deposition of MoS2 thin-film, and a larger area uniform thin-film is obtained from bulk powder MoS2. This solution-based process could be applied with a variety coating techniques and lead to wafer level MoS2 thin film production.



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