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Chemical Phase Separation in Binary Iron-Chromium Alloys

  • K.A. Hawick (a1), J.E. Epperson (a2), C.G. Windsor (a3) and V.S. Rainey (a3)


A study of chromium-enriched domain growth occurring in binary Fe-Cr alloys quenched from above to various temperatures within the miscibility gap has been made. We present kinetic sequences of in-situ small angle neutron scattering (SANS) data for ageing times up to 75 hours on alloys containing 20, 30 and 40 atomic percent chromium. The SANS measurements are compared with partial structure functions obtained from computer simulations performed on a distributed array processor (DAP). We use a pair-potential lattice model, but simulate large systems containing up to 16 million lattice sites. We find good agreement between the scaled structure factors for our SANS data and computer simulated system.



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Chemical Phase Separation in Binary Iron-Chromium Alloys

  • K.A. Hawick (a1), J.E. Epperson (a2), C.G. Windsor (a3) and V.S. Rainey (a3)


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