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Chemical Kinetics Applied to the Fatigue of Silica Fibers in Sodium Hydroxide Solutions

  • Daryl Inniss (a1), Darryl L. Brownlow (a1), Charles R. Kurkjian (a1) and Lourdes R. Borges (a2)


Chemical kinetics is applied to the fatigue (stress assisted corrosion) of silica fibers in NaOH solutions. The thermodynamic parameters are determined and compared to measurements in water; the zero stress activation energy is the same for the two systems (∼25kcal/mol), but the activation volume in aqueous NaOH solutions is smaller (∼11cm3/mol) than that in water (∼27cm3/mol). The accelerated fatigue rate is dominated by a three decade decrease in the pre-exponential factor; it is shown that this decrease can be attributed to an increase in the entropy of the system.



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