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Chemical Bond Distribution and Short Range Order in Non-Oxide Ciialcogenide Glasses. Results from NMR Spectroscopy

  • Thomas Tepe (a1), Carri Lyda (a1), Michael Tullius (a1), David Lathrop (a1), Jason Leone (a1) and Hellmut Eckert (a1)...


Solid-state 31p MAS-NMR provides powerful insights into the local order of phosphorus selenide based glasses. Specifically, it allows a quantitative characterization of the melt equilibrium PSe3/2 + Se -> Se=PSe3/2 describing the stability of four-coordinate P atoms. Using this technique, the effect of isovalent substitution by As, and Te, and of other glass constituents Ge and TI on this equilibrium and on the quantitative phosphorus speciation is studied in detail.



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