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Chemical Analysis of Particles and Semiconductor Microstructures by Synchrotron Radiation Soft X-Rays Photoemission Spectromicroscopy

  • F. Gozzo (a1), B. Triplett (a1), H. Fujimoto (a1), R. Ynzunza (a2), P. Coon (a2), C. Ayre (a2), P. D. Kinney (a3), Y. S. Uritsky (a4), G. Ackermann (a5), A. Johnsono (a5), H. Padmore (a5), T. Renner (a5), B. Sheridan (a5), W. Steele (a5) and Z. Hussain (a5)...


Chemical analysis on a microscopic scale was performed on a TiN particle sample on silicon and on two patterned samples using a synchrotron source scanning photoemission microscope. For all the experiments, we exploit the ability, developed in our experimental system, to reach specific locations on the wafer and analyze the local chemical state.



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