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Charge Carrier Absorption in Doped Microcrystalline Silicon Films

  • M. Heintze (a1), E. Lotter (a2), C.-D. Abel (a1) and M. B. Schubert (a1)


The infrared absorption in doped microcrystalline silicon thin films is analyzed by modelling the complex permittivity as the sum of the contributions resulting from interband transitions and from absorption by charge carriers. Their density and the drift mobility within grains is described by free carrier motion according to the Drude theory. However, for a good fit to experimental data a small trapping energy, reflecting the effect of grain boundaries, is included in the model. By comparing results obtained from the analysis of infrared data with conductivity and Hall measurements in films grown in a very high frequency (VHF) plasma and by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (CVD), we show that infrared transmission measurements provide a simple access to transport parameters in these films.



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