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Characterization of the Corrosion Behavior of Alloy 22 after Five Years Immersion in Multi-ionic Solutions

  • Lana L. Wong (a1), David V. Fix (a1), John C. Estill (a1), R. Daniel McCright (a1) and Raúl B. Rebak (a1)...


Alloy 22 (N06022) is the candidate material for the corrosion resistant, outer barrier of the nuclear waste container. Two of the potential corrosion degradation modes of the container are uniform corrosion and localized corrosion. A testing program is under way at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to determine the susceptibility of Alloy 22 to these two forms of corrosion using immersion tests. Metallic coupons are being exposed to several electrolyte solutions simulating concentrated underground water from pH 3 to 10 at 60°C and 90°C. This paper describes the results obtained after more than a five-year exposure of 122 specimens to the testing electrolyte solutions. Results show little general corrosion and the absence of localized corrosion. The maximum general corrosion rate was 23 nm/yr.



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