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Characterization of Tantalum Oxide Thin Film and its Electrodes for DRAM's Capacitor Application

  • Jong-Wan Park (a1), Seok-Ryong Jeon (a1), Jae-Suk Lee (a1) and Jeong-Youb Lee (a1)


Thermal stability, microstructure and electrical property of molybdenum nitride film were studied for application of ULSI's DRAM capacitor electrode and copper diffusion barrier. Phase transformation from Mo to γ-Mo2N was observed at 20% N2/(Ar+N2) flow ratio and γ-Mo2N and Δ-MoN phases coexisted at 50% N2 flow ratio. γ-Mo2N film was found to crystallize at 400°C. Amorphous γ-Mo2N deposited at 300 °C remained stable upon 750 °C heat treatment. Breakdown strengths of Y -Mo2N/Ta2O&/Si MOS capacitor before and after 850 °C annealing were 2.4 MV/cm and 1.85 MV/cm at 1×10-6 A/cm2, respectively. After 850 °C annealing, dielectric constant of Ta2Os film decreased to 19.



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