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Characterization of Ta2O5 Thin Films With Small Current Leakage for High Density DRAMS

  • N. Kanda (a1), R. Furukawa (a2), M. Ishibashi (a3), M. Kunitomo (a2), T. Homma (a4), M. Takahashi (a4), T. Uemura (a5), M. Kanai (a2), M. Kubo (a2), K. Ogata (a1), T. Yoshida (a4), H. Yamamoto (a2) and Y Ohji (a2)...


We have confirmed that grain boundaries are related to leakage problems in Ta2O5/SiON capacitors for high dielectric DRAMs. XRD studies using an intensity ratio of (200) to (001) showed that the crystallographic structure of Ta2O5 film was strongly dependent on preparation conditions. As the (200) oriented grains grew faster than the other grains, it became important to control its grain growth in forming uniform grain boundaries. TEM observation has shown that Ta2O5 film with a high intensity ratio of (200) to (001) was made up of large size grains and had SION interface intruding into grain boundaries. By using the current-mode AFM, we could monitor leakage current directly through grain boundaries on Ta2O5 film.



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