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Characterization of SrBi2Nb2O9 Thin Films Prepared by Sol Gel Technique

  • E. Ching-Prado (a1), W. Pérez (a2), A. Reynés-Figueroa (a2), R. S. Katiyar (a2), D. Ravichandran (a3) and A. S. Bhalla (a3)...


Thin films of SrBi2Nb2O9 (SBN) with thicknesses of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 μ were grown by Sol-gel technique on silicon, and annealed at 650°C. The SBN films were investigated by Raman scatering for the first time. Raman spectra in some of the samples present bands around 60, 167, 196, 222, 302, 451, 560, 771, 837, and 863 cm−1, which correspond to the SBN formation. The study indicates that the films are inhomogeneous, and only in samples with thicknesses 0.4 μ the SBN material was found in some places. The prominent Raman band around 870 cm−1, which is the A1g mode of the orthorhombic symmetry, is assigned to the symmetric stretching of the NbO6 octahedrals. The frequency of this band is found to shift in different places in the same sample, as well as from sample to sample. The frequency shifts and the width of the Raman bands are discussed in term of ions in non-equilibrium positions. FT-IR spectra reveal a sharp peak at 1260 cm−1, and two broad bands around 995 and 772 cm−1. The bandwidths of the latter two bands are believed to be associated with the presence of a high degree of defects in the films. The experimental results of the SBN films are compared with those obtained in SBT (T=Ta) films. X-ray diffraction and SEM techniques are also used for the structural characterization.



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