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Characterization of SinGem Strained Layer Superlattice P-N Junctions

  • Jesper Engvall (a1), Janos Olajos (a1), Hermann G. Grimmeiss (a1), Hartmut Presting (a2), Horst Kibbel (a2) and Erich Kasper (a2)...


A series of three p-n junctions consisting of ten monolayer strain adjusted SinGem superlattices (Si6Ge4, Si5Ge5, Si4Ge6) has been characterized with respect to Current-Voltage, Capacitance-Voltage and Short Circuit Photocurrent measurements. The samples were grown by MBE with an Antimony surfactant resulting in improved interface sharpness. Superlattice interband transitions were measured by Short Circuit Current spectroscopy and bandgap energies were determined by a fitting procedure. The temperature dependence of the junction capacitance and of the Short Circuit Current indicate a potential barrier for electrons at the superlattice-buffer interface that impedes electron transport from the p-n junction at lower temperatures.



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