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Characterization of polycrystalline Si silicon sheet grown by die casting combined with the Bridgman technique

  • K. Saito (a1), T. Iida (a1), D. Akimoto (a1), A. Nose (a1), Y. Takanashi (a1), S. Sakuragi (a2), H. Nanba (a2), G. Sakuragi (a2) and T. Shimazaki (a2)...


Die-casting growth was used for manufacturing the multicrystalline silicon sheet with a size of 100 × 120 × 0.5 mm. During the growth, incorporation of contaminants such as iron, cobalt, nickel and chromium was well suppressed. The average etch-pit density values ranged from 1×104 cm-2 to 4x106 cm-2 for growth rates of 5 to 60 mm/h, respectively. Measurement of minority-carrier lifetime bye microwave-photoconductivity-decay (μ-PCD) method was 0.5 μs for as-grown specimens, suggesting that defects and residual strain exist in the grown sheet. Moreover, post heat treatment at 1473 K reduced the etch-pit density and improved carrier lifetime up to 2.2 μs.



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