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Characterization of Inhomogeneities in Amorphous Superconductors

  • Esen E. Alp (a1), S.K. Malik (a1), Y. Lepetre (a1), P.A. Montano (a1) and G.K. Shenoy (a1)...


The structure and superconducting properties of rapidly quenched Zr—Ni and Zr—V alloys have been studied by XRD,EXAFS spectroscopy,TEM,electron diffraction,ED, electrical resistivity and ac susceptibility measurements. Amorphous Zr66Ni34 ribbons quenched with different cooling rates were also examined by flux pinning measurements. Characteristic differences are observed in the flux pinning mechanisms of microcrystalline and amorphous samples. The temperature dependence of upper critical fields have been measured down to 0.4 K and the results are analyzed in terms of WHH theory.



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