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Characterization of Hollow-Cathode DC Discharge Growth of Diamond: Rotational Vibronic Emission In A CH4-H2 Discharge

  • H. N. Chu (a1), A. R. Lefkow (a1), E. A. Den Hartog (a1), J. Jacobs (a1), P. Sandstrom (a1), L. W. Anderson (a1), M. G. Lagally (a1) and J. E. Lawler (a1)...


Experiments to study the temperature in the discharge produced using a dc spiral hollow cathode with CH4-H2 as the feed gas have been carried out during the rowth of diamond. Optical emission from the R branch of the 3d1 Σ v-O-2p Σ v-O rotational vibronic band are used to determine a rotational temperature. Limitations of this method are discussed.



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