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Characterization of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Film Grown by Laser Ablation Method

  • K. Shimizu (a1), H. Nobumasa (a1), N. Nagai (a2), T. Matsunobe (a2) and T. Kawai (a3)...


We have measured the complex dielectric function of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy, samples in the near infrared region directly by spectroellipsometry. As for both single crystal and thin film. superconducting samples have a zero point in the real part (ε1) of the complex dielectric function (ε*) and a clear peak of the imaginary part of the inverse ε* at almost the same frequency. On the other hand, non-superconducting samples have no such ε1, zero point, and the peak height of (-Im(l/ε*)) becomes small. Then we can determine the superconductivity of samples by this spectroellipsometry measurement at room temperature.



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