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Characterization of GaAs/Si Interface Structure by X-Ray Diffraction

  • E. D. Specht (a1), G. E. Ice (a1), C. J. Peters (a1), C. J. Sparks (a1), N. Lucas (a2), X.-M. Zhu (a2), R. Moret (a2) and H. Morkoc (a3)...


By measuring the intensity profiles along the crystal truncation rods of a Si(001) substrate, we obtain the depth sensitivity necessary for x-ray diffraction measurements of the structure of its interface with a thick GaAs overlayer which is epitaxial to, but not in registry with the substrate. By comparing the diffraction with a model based on a grid of misfit dislocations, we find that the atoms at the interface have a root mean square displacement of 1.09±0.1Å from this ideal structure, and that the interface has a roughness of 2.9±1 Å. The diffraction indicates an anomalously small strain perpendicular to the interface in the GaAs near the interface.



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