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Characterization of Buried-Nitride Silicon for Integrated Circuit Applications

  • D. R. Myers (a1), H. J. Stein (a1), S. S. Tsao (a1), G. W. Arnold (a1), R. C. Hughes (a1), W. M. Miller (a1), R. V. Jones (a1) and A. K. Datye (a2)...


We have examined the microstructure and the transport properties of nitrogen-implanted silicon-on-insulator wafers, as well as the performance of integrated-circuit transistors fabricated in this material. The insulating regions were fabricated in silicon by the unpatterned implantation of 4×1017 /cm2, 300 keV nitrogen dimers followed by annealing at 1473 K for 5 hours. For these parameters, the buried nitrogen-implanted layer crystallized into α-silicon nitride, and contains ≈20% excess silicon in the form of silicon inclusions of 5–15 nm diameter. The surface silicon layers are characterized by low-mobility, p-type conduction. The buried dielectric has a resistivity of approximately 108 Ωcm. Functional p-channel, integrated circuit transistors have been fabricated in n-type epitaxial silicon grown over the buried-nitride wafers. These transistors devices are similar in performance to those fabricated in bulk silicon,(hole mobilities in inversion layers of 140 cm2/V-s), and demonstrate the suitability of the buried nitride process for integrated circuit applications.



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