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Characterization of Ag/cdo Interfaces by Hrem

  • G. Necker (a1) and W. Mader (a1)


Ag-Cd alloys have been internally oxidized to produce CdO precipitates which have a cube-on-cube orientation relationship with respect to the Ag matrix. Electron microscopy studies revealed that the Ag/CdO interfaces are incoherent which can be explainedby the presumably weak bonding forces across the interface and the large lattice misfit. A comparison of experimentally observed lattice images with computer simulated ones based on different interfacial structure models shows that an oxygen plane forms the terminating layer on the oxide side even at interfacial steps. This result is supported by thermodynamic considerations.



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Characterization of Ag/cdo Interfaces by Hrem

  • G. Necker (a1) and W. Mader (a1)


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