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Characterization Microstructural and Mechanical of X-60 Steel Heat-Treated

  • N. López Perrusquia (a1), J. A. Ortega Herrera (a1), M.A. Doñu Ruiz (a1), V. J. Cortes Suarez (a2) and L. D. Cruz Rosado (a3)...


In this paper was study the effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties of an API X-60 steel used for storage and transportation of hydrocarbons . In the first stage evaluation are mechanical properties of steel heat treated by the technique of the three-point test according to ASTM 399-90 was carried out. In the second stage, characterization of the type of failure and microstructure through optical microscopy (OM) was determined; also heat treated samples were then mechanically tested for hardness (HRC) and nano-indentation. The presence of alloying elements by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the fracture surfaces generated in the steel with varying times, temperatures and cooling medium generated by different modes of solicitation (Bending), likewise with loading rates were determined. The results revealed a ductile fracture and microstructures (PF) ferrite-pearlite (DP), bainite -ferrite (BF) and martensite-retained and martensite/retained austenite (MA). Finally, this article discusses the effect of heat treatment followed by precipitation hardenable of steel API X-60 on the mechanical properties


Corresponding author


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